Becoming a parent for the first time is not without its challenges. That mountain of diapers you balanced and built precariously? Gone in the blink of a week. That stark-white work shirt that’s your personal favorite? Ruined with mysterious baby food stains. With countless, sleepless nights and a never-ending stream of new challenges that creep up on new parents, the list of things to do, things to remember and especially the shopping list will keep growing.

A top must have on the list tends to be the need for a stroller. Strollers have gone through such a massive transformation that following their evolution would genuinely surprise and inspire many industrial designers and conceptual artists.

Orbit Baby of Northern California is making a lot of waves and turning heads with its striking aesthetic design and functional prowess. Orbit Baby was the brainchild of two Stanford University graduates with a background in engineering and industrial design. Bryan White and Joseph Hei both worked in the world-acclaimed design firm of IDEO that provided them with invaluable training in user-centric design. As new fathers, they both felt a gap when it came to purchasing a convenient child transportation solution within the existing firms.

The result of their collaboration after months of research and studies is Orbit Baby strollers. These strollers are modular and come with a variety of options and add-ons. They range from a newborn seat and car seat to a regular toddler-size stroller chair, all sharing the same stroller frame for rolling on the street!

If you’ve been around the block before, meaning this isn’t your first little one, we noticed that the Sidekick Stroller Board is an awesome feature for your older child to hitch a ride. This addon looks exactly like a skateboard so that the older children can keep their cool factor and you can keep your sanity. Also, you can customize it with laser engraving.

Orbit Baby strollers are also becoming more commonplace in Canada as well. They are competing with the likes of Stokke and Bugaboo, which all cost upwards of $1,000 for the complete set. The design and eco-friendly material of Orbit Strollers (PVC free) make them a very nice solution for the rainy and wet weather of provinces such as British Columbia in Canada.