It is no surprise that with the busy lifestyle of so many professional families, more of us are considering celebrating our children’s birthdays at an indoor playgroundor a similar venue, versus disturbing the sanctuary of the home.

For children six to seven years old and younger, it’s ok to raise your hand and admit that you’re not up for dealing with the hassle and mess of having 10 to 15 kids running around with a sugar high, ransacking everything in their path. This is not to mention all the endless preparation and careful attention to detail that will be demolished as soon as the party starts and children start pouring in. Per party protocol those fondant, frilly cupcakes will wind up nestled and smushed in your house plants.

For these and many other reasons, parents are opting to have their child’s next birthday party hosted in a venue that takes care of most of the leg and prep work for a reasonable fee. At Bearfoot, we’re a full-blown playground when we’re not booked for a birthday party or event, so our general areas are durable and captivating for large groups of kids. Our toys are geared to engage during communal playtime for the birthday star and his or her guests.

An important bonus for most parents of toddlers when planning on throwing a birthday party is the variety of options that these indoor playgrounds offer. At Bearfoot Play, parents can choose between a number of packages available for birthday parties. Our options range from the very basic package that reserves the space to a theme-based party that includes decoration, food, goody bags, and even cake. For parents this means nixing the planning, purchasing, carrying, setting and cleaning up of everything from decorations to paper cups, etc.

Of course there are also the parents that won’t rest until their child’s perfect party comes to life: Every bubble, every dragon mask must be held to standard. Even in such cases, however, having a place to host children’s birthday parties would help tremendously, considering the amount of work both in terms of setup and cleanup. Also, at Bearfoot, our indoor playground has a trained and chipper staff to add some spirit and fun activities to the party.