Bearfoot Playground classes for kids were created to provide entertainment while also contributing to the mental and physical growth of your child. One of the most popular classes here at Bearfoot Playground has been the children’s yoga class. In addition to becoming a truly unique indoor playground and party center in Vancouver, Bearfoot has seen the level of interest in its children’s classes increase significantly this spring season.

Amongst the chief attractions has been our children’s yoga class with Dhana Musil. Before committing to the full six-week program, you can drop in to one of the ongoing classes at Bearfoot, provided that you have purchased a day pass for open play at Bearfoot. If you like the class, the instructor, and the structure of the program, you may sign up for the remainder of the sessions.

“Age and developmentally appropriate yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and soothing relaxation techniques awaken the inner-child of all participants,” Musil said.

In a recent birthday party held at Bearfoot, the young guests were invited to participate in a group Yoga class as instructed by an experienced yogi. It was a tremendously productive 45 minutes that engaged the children in an entertaining and interactive session while allowing the parents to enjoy each other’s company and to focus on socializing and enjoying the party without worrying about the whereabouts of their little munchkins.

Undoubtedly children’s yoga is booming as more and more indoor playgrounds and family entertainment centers in and around Vancouver are engaging in these classes. Winning the hearts and minds of parents for these class and workshops largely depends on raising awareness about benefits of such creative children classes.

While the structured discipline of a yoga class might seem to be in direct conflict of the increasingly unruly and assertive nature of toddlers between two and four years old, this ‘emerging independence’ is ideal for children’s yoga. These classes could be a great introduction to a structured method of learning while allowing the child to choose when and how to be inspired by the instructor and her moves to want to try them out for her.

Some of the more tangible benefits of yoga for children include:

  • Stimulating neural connectivity
  • Learning to deal effectively with stress element in life
  • Becoming more resilient
  • ‘Enhancing attention and emotional self-regulation’
  • Relaxing