Kids Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Being beautiful has always been an essential thing. Nowadays, the importance of beauty tends to increase. It is no longer sufficient to have beautiful eyes, attractive legs and long hair! Beauty means perfection, and perfection implies paying attention to details. Having a perfect skin, perfect nails or a perfect tan is essential if you want to be a beautiful person. It is even more important to have a perfect smile, which means, in fact, perfect teeth. If nature cannot help you in this area, you can definitely look for help somewhere else.

To obtain a perfect smile, you have two choices: the first one is to use some products specifically made to whiten your teeth at home; such products are toothpaste, whitening gels and whitening strips. The great thing about these products is that they are rather cheap. Whitening toothpaste is accessible to every one of us, but the result is not as remarkable as you may think. Whitening toothpastes only clean the stains on the surface of the tooth. You can whiten your teeth with only one shade.

Another at-home teeth whitening solution is the use of whitening gels. For obtaining a result, you have to use the gel twice a day for 14 days. It is easy to use (you have to apply the gel on your teeth with a brush) and it is not expensive. A two-week treatment costs $15. You can also use whitening strips, if you want to achieve a result in two weeks. You have to use the whitening strips twice a day for 30 minutes. The result of these thin strips coated with peroxide-based whitening gel lasts for 4 months. Whitening strips can cost $10-$55 for a two-week treatment. You can benefit from each of these teeth whitening solutions you can benefit, but if you really want to see any spectacular results, you should ask for the help of a specialist.

The results of at-home teeth whitening methods are significantly lower that in the case of dental whitening done by a cosmetic dentistry expert. If you have rather complicated tooth problems or want to have even whiter teeth, you should seek advice from someone specialized in cosmetic dentistry. How can a cosmetic dentist help you? First, the best part about cosmetic dental treatments done by a specialist is that they can solve all your dental problems, not only those dealing with dental bleaching.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you with solving problems such as gaps or differences in color. This procedure involves the attachment of a custom-made laminate directly on you tooth. The name of the applied laminates is tooth veneers. Another issue that a cosmetic dentist can deal with is the implantation of a bridge (false tooth planted between two healthy teeth). An expert in cosmetic dental treatments can solve even problems such as bonding, enamel shaping and, of course, dental whitening issues. One of the most famous whitening procedures performed by an expert is laser bleaching.

Laser teeth whitening is the fastest way to a perfect smile. A cosmetic dentistry expert can offer you the white teeth you have always dreamed of in only one hour. Before you call a dentistry office to get an appointment, you should know that this is the most expensive dental whitening procedure. For a one-hour treatment, you can pay up to $1000. If you still want to get an appointment to a cosmetic dentistry office, you should know that the results are not everlasting. In time, the result of this dental whitening method will fade.

The procedure is simple. However, only a specialist can do it. He or she applies on the teeth a bleaching solution that contains hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is a component of all teeth whitening products. The difference consists in the amount used by every single product. The bigger the amount of peroxide is, the better the results are. The amount of hydrogen peroxide used by cosmetic dentistry experts is significantly higher than the one used in at-home products. After having placed the solution on your teeth, the cosmetic dentist activates it by using a source of light, usually a laser. This whole procedure takes place again after twenty minutes. Before the session ends, the procedure repeats for two or three times.