Is toothpaste safe for children?

My observation as a practicing dentist in Colorado Springs, while certainly are not a double blind scientific study is that fluoride (in Colorado Springs the fluoride is naturally present in much of the water) seems to delay the onset of observable cavities. The cavities I had in my preteen and teenage years are now occurring with my patients in their twenties. They still get cavities but the onset is slowed down. The benefit of this is fillings only last so long before they start to break down allowing decay bacteria to hide in the tiny openings in the leaking areas which allows tooth decay to start over again, so fewer fillings over a tooth’s life time is a definite benefit both health wise and financially as well.

The issue here is safety. Children’s toothpaste would be much safer without fluoride . I have recently investigated the availability of a children’s toothpaste to find one without fluoride but with an active ingredient that would fight tooth decay and not just a flavored paste without anti-cavity benefits. I found such a toothpaste designed for children that meets all the criteria.

It is loaded with xylitol, a known cavity fighter and it tastes good (banana/strawberry) and kids can even swallow it with complete safety! We at Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center promote the use of xylitol containing toothpastes for kids and also adults. These toothpaste are great cavity fighters and don’t need fluoride to accomplish this task and xylitol is very safe. The brand is Spry and we now carry a supply of this great children’s tooth gel at the low price of $4.97. Call or come in and check it out.