Working with some of Vancouver and San Francisco’s finest roasters, Bearfoot aims to offer the best coffee to our members and guests. We believe in coffee and our passion for coffee shows in each and every cup we prepare for you and your guests.

With single origin coffee beans ranging from Kenya to Ecuador, these roasters bring the best coffee possible to you. Additionally, BearFoot has staffed certified baristas trained in the art of pulling a flawless shot of espresso—heart, body and crema—balanced with the right amount of foam in your cappuccino. They’re more than capable of creating cup of coffee that is uniquely you.

Of course, coupling that creamy cappuccino with some of the most savory and delicate pastries in the city is essential. We offer a vast selection of baked goods and pastries from a variety of bakery chefs around the Greater
Vancouver area. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.

A fine selection of snacks prepared exclusively from local and organic ingredients are available and tailor-made both for children and adults. We have worked very hard to bring you fresh and, environmentally healthy snacks that are both wholesome and appealing to you and your little ones: