Fall Classes


Bearfoot has designed a program of classes that would offer a diverse variety of curriculum for toddlers and reschoolers at varying developmental stages. They are both a great way to start your child on the path for a more structured learning environment in preparation for preschool while also offering language and Yoga classes for your preschoolers. Music Classes, Children’s Yoga, French and German Language Classes are some of what Bearfoot has to offer this fall!! Classes are small and fill up quickly, so please book your spot today! Appropriate age for Bearfoot Classes range from 18 months to 6yrs old.

French Class

French Level 1

Age Group 3 to & 7 Yrs Old

We will be singing, dancing, colouring, playing and learning in French! Many stories and imaginative work. Topics to include; colours, alphabet, animals, basic greetings and salutations. Certificates of completion to be presented after Term 1.

German Classes

German for pre-schoolers

Age Groups: 18 Mo to 5.5 Yrs old

Colorful German! Little ones will learn about colors, textures and shapes in German through fun games, art activities and simple stories. Paint rainbows, mix colours, build and find shapes everywhere! Your child’s creative imagination will be fired up in this colorful class while learning German vocabulary. Wir finden Farben und Figuren überall!

Yoga Classes

Children Yoga Class Description:

Age Group: 4 to 7 Yrs Old

This children’s yoga class is appropriate for children aged 4-7 yrs old. Balance, strength, agility and concentration are only a few of the myriad benefits yoga brings to young children. Through a combination of poses, breathing exercises and games children will begin to explore this fascinating world of yoga in a safe, guided environment. Also, experience the joys of yoga along with your baby. We incorporate your movements and exercise with your baby.