Whether it is your next playdate or your child’s birthday, celebrate the big event in your family’s life with us!

We want to help you create lifelong memories with your family and be there for you when you need things to go according to plan. Celebrations are our specialty.

Private Party

Have all of Bearfoot for yourself and your guests. We will be there to help with any requests but your guests will have exclusive access to Bearfoot facilities.

Colorful Package

Why go through the hassle of dragging all your party supplies with you when we can beautifully arrange everything based on your instructions? Everything will be color coordinated as we will have matching colors for all accessories. Decorations based on the color of your choice.

Basic Package, plus:

  • Balloon for each child
  • Utensils & Napkins
  • Paper Plates & Cups
  • Party Hats
  • Bottle of water

Foody Package

In addition to the perks of the Colorful Package, we will supply a selection of food specifically for children with optional food for adults, water bottles and soda as well. Our food selection is specifically designed for Bearfoot guests and is prepared by carefully selected chefs within our network. Every effort has been made to use organic and locally produced ingredients for the enjoyment of our guests.

Colorful Package, plus:
  • Mini fresh fruit cup
  • Mini fresh veggie cup
  • One glass of milk

One main course which can be one the followings:

  • Crust-less sandwich on multi-grain bread with the choice of your filling
  • 2 Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • 2 Pieces of pizzas

Theme Package

This is going to be one party you will not forget. Leave all the hard work to us. For this package, we will supply you with a range of ideas for the theme you have chosen. We work with local artists to produce the most beautiful decorations and designed accessories to make your party that much more special. Choose from a variety of themed packages or talk in person with our staff if you have a specific idea in mind; we will make it a reality in a way that will amaze you and your guests.

Birthday Cake available upon request.

Choose from one of the themes:
  • Pirates and Maidens
  • Prince and Princess
  • Rainbow of Colors
  • Train
  • Lady Bug
  • Dinosaurs
  • Little Monsters